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Wolverine BOLT Sniper Rifle HPA System

The Wolverine BOLT is every airsoft sniper's dream! With the consistency of a spring gun but the adjustability & relability of an HPA setup you can build an absolute monster of a sniper rifle platform with very little effort or part hunting!

HPA conversion kit for Bolt Action sniper rifles. Compatible with VSR 10 models and the Echo1 M28. Testing is in process for other sniper models as well. 


  • Electro Pneumatic requiring battery (not included) but no FCU needed!
  • No moving parts outside of the solenoid valve opening & closing!
  • Patent Pending Air Saver™ Technology: Great air efficiency
  • Compatible with Wraith for completely self contained system.
  • Functional between 80-180psi which means tons of adjustability.


The BOLT is currently designed to be compatible with Tokyo Marui VSR 10 and identical clone platforms, including the JG BAR 10 and Cybergun FN Herstal SPR. 

The BOLT without Cylinder will also work in the Echo1 M28, however the Cylinder we offer is not compatible with the M28.