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Vendetta Precision TENACI Keymod/M-Lok Grip

One of the most versatile foregrips yet! Designed to fit both M-Lok & Keymod railsit can be used across multiple shooting platforms while employing multiple styles of grips on your real steel firearms & airsoft guns. Manufactured in the US right here in Wisconsin.

The Tenaci hybrid angled foregrip serves up many advantages for competition shooters and tactical shooters alike. Providing a comfortable angle of hold instead of a flat grip along the rail is advantageous when applying the forward hand. The wide opening will fit any sized hand and a natural entry to bring the rifle up as smoothly as possible. The front serves as a barricade anchor and unlike others, has a negative rake angle that digs into the mounting surface, keeping the rifle completely static while firing. The curved geometry allows the shooter to pull the rifle into their shoulder for more controlled followup shots. Thirdly, the textured rear pocket of the grip allows the webbing between the thumb and pointer finger to be applied when mounted to a barricade for added comfort and forward stability. 


Being adaptable to M-Lok AND Keymod rail systems allows a broad range of applications with our hybrid locking design and custom hardware that fits both platforms. Currently this grip is offered in a black, blue, and red anodizing and is constructed of high strength aluminum for durability. 


Package includes:

- VP-23 Hybrid Grip

- Hardware

- L-key


For airsoft use only. Not made for real firearms.