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Vendetta Precision Lightning Bolt/Heavy Bolt for Tippmann M4

Introducing the next generation of modified buffers or "heavy bolt" for the Tippmann M4. The Lightning Bolt offers four length adjustment positions and four buffer spring preloading positions. This allows for ultimate adjustment to prevent your Tippmann M4 from overstroking and adjustment for aftermarket buffer assemblies. This is the drop in solution you need. No quarters, shims, or anything rattling around within your gun. 

The lightning bolt is a fully adjustable stainless steel butter system for the Tippmann M4. A helix series of 4 positions allow for a length adjustment to compensate for over-travel of the buffer and allows you to tune in your gun for proper firing conditions.

If you install an aftermarket stock or change your buffer tube length from a disassembly, Lightning Bolt has got you covered. A collar behind the head also provides you with 4 positions of spring pre-load. This allows you to fine-tune your FPS and your ROF like a true tech and get your rifle shooting just the way you want it.

Being machined from stainless steel provides extreme longevity and a heavy weight for extremely realistic recoil to top it off.