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Tippmann Omega CQB HPA Airsoft Gun w/ 13cu Tank

Introducing the OMEGA SERIES

Streamline your game with Tippmann Tactical’s Electro Pneumatic Airsoft Rifle. The Omega combines high performance, versatility and speed while allowing players top ditch the air hose traditional HPA guns are strapped to.Featuring flip-up front and rear sights, smooth crisp trigger action and variable air setup adaptability. The total package in high level performance for the serious player!

  • Internal Regulator to adjust velocity. No need for secondary regulator.
  • Crisp trigger
  • Preset ROF (10, 15, 25)
  • Runs on standard 9 volt battery (Not included)
  • Can run on 2 12gram CO2 cartridge (Optional Stock and Air Canister)
  • Can run on 13 cu HPA Tank mounted as stock
  • Can run HPA hose with optional stock
  • Includes 13cu Tank