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Tippmann M4 Basic Parts Kit

Your Tippmann M4 need a few parts or just want to get it running in tip top shape? The basic parts kit will get you back in the game!

Kit includes the following parts.

QTY        Part No.         Description 

1             TA20065       Grease Pack

1             LUBE             Oil Pack

1             98-12A           O-ring, C.U., 90A, 2-019

2             TA50029        Pin Detent

2             TA20049        O-Ring, C.U., 70A, 2-006

2             TA30049        O-Ring, C.U., 70A, 2-008

2             TA20096        .150" I.D. X 0.037" C.S., O-Ring, C.U., 70A

1             TA50139         10-32 x 3/16" LONG BHSCS

1             TA50095          SHCS #6-32 X 1/4"

1             TA50110          H.U. Pusher

1             TA50146          Front Bolt Spring

1             TA50014          H.U. Bucking