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Redline Airsoft Gen2 Air Stock Kit

Love the consistency and reliability of HPA but can't get over the tank & line? This is your solution. Replacing your standard M4 buffer tube set this allows you to connect smaller 13ci HPA tanks right into your gun eliminating that pesky line and tank. The Gen2 system features an improved design with smaller footprint without an external line whatsoever! 

The patented Redline Airsoft AirStock allows you to ditch your remote hose and mount a tank directly to your gun! 

Intended for use with a 13cu air tank air tank that, depending on your setup, gets from 700 to 900 shots per tank.

The AirStock balances nicely on an average M4 and the kit comes with all parts required for installation on both VFC and non-VFC bodied guns.


Air tank and gun not included.

Installation requires routing the engine air line to the rear. Some modification of the gearbox shell is required.

(Not recommended for use with Polarstar Fusion Engines)


The AirStock is designed for use with either a Ninja 13cu SLP HPA tank, or a Guerrilla Air 13cu ELP low pressure air tanks. Use of air tanks with an output pressure greater than 300 psi is not recommended.