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KJW M700 Gas Sniper Rifle (Non-Takedown)

The KJW M700 is the Bar-10 of the gas sniper rifle world. Based off the Tanaka M700 this gun has a plethora of upgrades for it while being inexpensive to boot. What makes gas sniper rifles a little bit more practical is the lack of resistance when pulling back the bolt as opposed to a spring sniper rifle. The downside is getting that shot to shot consistency that you get out of a spring bolt action requires a little bit of tuning and upgrading.


Metal barrel, bolt, and trigger assembly
Textured polymer stock
Iron sights included
Longer inner barrel for greater power, range, accuracy, and consistency
Built in scope rail and bipod stud mount

Length: 46"
Weight: 3600g
Inner Barrel: 555mm
Muzzle Velocity: 500 ~ 550 FPS
Hopup: Yes
Fire Controls: Single shot bolt action
Magazine: 11rd included 
Gas: Green gas or propane ready