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Enola Gaye EG67 BB Frag Grenade (Event Pre-Order) (Autumn's Tremor)

Enola Gaye EG67 BB grenade is a low cost "throw once" pyro grenade with a simialr wire pull fuse as their smoke grenades! The EG67s come loaded with clay BBs that explode.

The EG67 Frag Grenade is the latest addition to the grenade family from Enola Gaye. Designed to the same size specification as a M67, our new grenade replicates the current issue American frontline version as closely as possible without it being an actual replica.

The EG67 has been fitted with our Wire Pull igniter that pulls straight out of the top of the grenade for quick deployment. The ignition ring is located under the protective plastic cap.

With an effective blast radius of 5 meters+ your game will take a step up with an EG67 in your pouch. Enola Gaye has taken great care in the design so that the unit produces a loud enough bang to be effective, whilst at the same time not popping out your ear drums.

Pull, throw, clear, win

The body of the EG67 Airsoft Frag Grenade is manufactured from paper pulp with a clay pellet fill. The product has been designed with safety and the environment at the top of the list, as a result 95% of this product, including the packaging is biodegradable. Other than an a small plastic bung that locates the igniter, the igniter cup and of course the plastic bag that it is supplied in. The body and all components are otherwise all made from paper, natural compositions and clay.



These are for field-use only, and are only available for sale and pick up at events and fields that use Milwaukee Airsoft as a vendor. These pyrotechnic devices are meant for use at the event they're purchased and are not suited for a majority of airsoft play including backyard.

Any and all pyrotechnic or any other pre-order items ordered for pickup at an event are non-refundable in cases of lacking attendance or failure to pick-up. If you are unable to attend an event you may transfer your items to another individual or another event by contacting Milwaukee Airsoft. Refunds will be issued to any law enforcement or military participants that are called for service without warning.