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Bravo P15 Light & Laser PEQ Box (Select Color)

The Bravo P15 is a PEQ15 style light & laser designator. The ~270 Lumen light is a perfect balance between brightness without ruining your natural night vision. The Bravo P15 also has a low power IR illuminator and green laser designator that you can adjust for windage and elevation. PEQ also includs a pressure pad to compliment the built in dial for momentary and constant function.


  • Visible Green Laser, Flashlight, & IR illuminator
  • Flashlight is ~270 Lumen
  • Includes pressure pad
  • Powered by 2x CR123A Batteries


*Don't be that guy shining lasers in people's face. It's not nice. Don't point it at an airplane either, also not nice and you'll get a visit from some nice men in suits.