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Mini 7.4v Lipo Battery for HPA FCUs (Multiple Sizes)

Looking for a small lipo to power your HPA unit of choice? These guys are conveniently sized to charge quickly, power your gun for a weekend of play, and fit in a buffer tube or even pistol/vertical grip for airsoft guns. 

It comes with both a balance charger port and JST connector (plug universally used on all HPA FCUs).


Please be careful when using lithium polymer batteries such as this one. If you haven't used one before make sure to educate yourself on how to take care of your lipo battery. 11.1v batteries are designed for higher end setups and can put extra wear and tear on your gun. Some gun warranties are voided with the use of a lipo battery, check your owners manual. Do not use once the battery starts to run low. You will audibly and visually see your gun performing difference, when that occurs discontinue use and charge your battery.